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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

♥Beautiful Memory♥

This will be the best memory of my library life.
I really love you all especially Tuesday juniors.
Don't be shock when i care for you so much.
This shows how much i love you all.
After retired, i will be kinda crazy and play with you all
because i'm not your KK or SU/P anymore.
I'm your friend. Jz treat me as your friend.
I also kinda emotional because love you all too much.

Library Trip 7-9/6/2010
(Penang Trip video)

~Touching my heart~
~Love you n miss you~

Remember I will be here for you all anytime in case you need me.
I 'm always with you all no matter where i go and what i do at anytime.

Friday, June 25, 2010

25/6/2010 Library AGM

今天是 Lembaga Pusat Sumber 的 AGM.
到最后,AJK list 并没有我想象中的理想,也没办法了。


并说:" 你不要哭哦!不要哭。。。算了,看你样子好像都想哭了。"

他写的内容有: 感谢我也对不起我,很喜欢图书馆和我们,要继续努力回到图书馆这个家庭。





退休了,还满高兴的,可以专注在课业上,不必每天忙 。 茫 。 盲 。

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday after tuition, i went to Popular bookshop to buy books (pass year questions).
A girl worker really "geng" and good.
I asked her where can i find those pass year questions books.
She straight away asked me:
Science stream? Account stream?
Science stream, u got take Account subject?
Then she went to every subject rack and took every subjects' pass year questions books for me.
Her speed is so fast. LOL! She knew where every books placed.
She is good as a Popular worker!

When i wanted to pay money for those books, i saw a worker face very familiar.
I think and think. OH! He is the one who gave me the 赠品!
During February, i went there to buy magazines and he gave me a 赠品 which i shouldn't get it.
If you want to know the whole story click here : 另一个陌生人
I never think that i will meet him again!!! I was so surprised.
But i think he doesn't remember me. I think of want to talk to him about February incident.
But i didn't speak out any words about that.
Sometimes, just keep those nice memories in your mind will be enough.
No need say anything. ^^
I prefer to keep quiet and think about that nice memory.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Soon i will "naik pangkat" become ex-senior!
Kinda berat hati but still excited to bersara.
So that i have more time for myself to study and rest well.
No need always think of juniors' problem.
Can think more for myself.
At the same time, i still worry how the new batch AJK gonna lead juniors.
Can't totally put down them easily.
I'm already started trying to put down all the worries towards juniors from now.
Try to adapt my ex-senior life now.
I will be on the same lane with my ex-senior soon.

10-13/6/2010 KRS Kem Kenaikan Pangkat

KRS Kem Kenaikan Pangkat
Thursday to Sunday
4 Days 3 Nights
School compound

After the library trip i was damn tired, but i still went to KRS Kem.

I doesn't know why i didn't feel really happy at this camp.
Sometimes, i even feel angry, dissapointed and sad.

But i enjoyed when listening to ghost story during the Malam Kebudayaaan.
That was scary. After ghost story time, we all (boys and girls) go to girls toilet together.
hahaha... that was fun actually.
I also went to boys toilet to take shower. That was the my 1st time to take shower in boys toilet. LOL...
1st time no need so rush at camp and can sleep comfortable in F5 special classroom. Quite nice~
I also took a lot of photos of juniors. I will try to ask CY to upload those photos to FB.

I had some experience and memories that can't gain from other places in this camp.
This will be quite memorable camp for me.
I will miss you all after AGM. T.T

Monday, June 14, 2010

7-8/6/2010 Library Trip (Penang)

Library Trip
3 Days 2 Nights
Penang Trip
Monday to Wednesday

I enjoyed a lot at this trip~
i don't know what to say at here.
Too many things to say, I lazy to type ><

Fun activity:
~Go shopping spree with Sue-Ann and Chung Lun be our "bodyguard"...hahah... everyone was waiting us to go back apartment. ><
~Go to beach opposite Apartment Sri Sayang... I love to go to beach, really relax. I love to run on the sand with bare foot and scream loudly as i can. I did these 2 things at there. Woho!!!
~Games on the beach! Nice! So fun...
~Go to Tambun Lost World play water! Actually there no much things to play. But i enjoy playing water with juniors! Hahaha... seldom have this chance.
~On the way back to school, i was very touched by you all and cried for 4 times during that short period ><

The photos that i took will be upload by yih shuin at FB.
Other activities, i lazy to type in details~
Jz keep in my mind n become a beautiful memory~
This will be the best memory of my library life!
I will miss you all after AGM.

Friday, June 4, 2010


After listened to the "seminar" given by Mr. Low(Delta),
I felt SPM is so extremely important if i want to success in future.

The right TIMING of life is very important.
If you do the right things in the right timing, your life will going smoothly.
If you do the wrong things in the wrong timing, you will suffer.
Now the time for me is to STUDY!

Not smart student + not smart study ways + lazy attitude = CRAP results
I was in this category of students and results. I'm a slow learner.
I want to change myself to get good results.
Last year final exam: 4A,2B,2C,1E,1G(failed)
I will change this results to 11A's included Accounts subject.

I must throw away all the things that have bad influence me in my study,
especially FACEBOOK!
This is my biggest problem: wasting time hanging on FACEBOOK.
So i decided to THROW AWAY FB.
My brother changes my password and keep it for me
to ensure i don't on FB until SPM 2010 is over.
I won't be creating a new FB account! Don't think i can't make it through SPM!
If i said i want then i WANT! I said i don't want then i DON'T WANT!

I have to achieve my aim by putting all my EFFORTS, HEART and MIND in it.
My highest aim is to get 11A's in trial and SPM!
I will make it a miracle for my life and my family!
I will make myself, family and teachers proud!
Let's wait for my good news!
I will make it become a truth not only a dream!

Advises to SPM candidates 2010:
~Countdown everyday from now to remind yourself the time left is so little.
~Make sure you do the right things for your study and your own good.
~Use every minutes wisely from now on
~"Throw away" all the things that have bad influence to your study(such as PC, Internet, Handphone, PSP, PS2)

Thank you, Mr. Low!

My Fb is temporarily closed from now until SPM 2010 is over.
Can contact me by msn and hp. ^^
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